Ron Steege and Tim Larson, co-founders of La Casa Builders Inc. in Scottsdale Arizona, have balanced the delicate beauty of the Sonoran Desert with artistic design and the unique vision of the homeowner in each of the custom homes they build.

Steege, a graduate of advanced study in commercial design in Chicago, blends his artistic background with his experience in renovation and construction. He formed his first design and construction company in Tucson, Arizona in 1977. Larson completed his technical institute general contracting training in 1979 and opened his own construction company in Minnesota. In 1985, Tim and his family moved to Arizona where he founded a company specializing in residential custom cabinetry and carpentry. In 1990, Steege and Larson pooled their construction and design talents to establish La Casa Builders and the result was the creation of some of the most stunning homes not only in Arizona, but throughout the southwest. After 25 years with La Casa Builders, Steege has just recently entered into retirement.