Build Green

La Casa Builders is proud to incorporate green building standards into the planning and construction of our homes to minimize energy consumption as well as improve the health of those who live in them. Our two most recent examples of Green Homes can be found in the Gallery section of this website under “Mediterranean” and in the Build to Suit section under “Desert Highlands”. Both homes are built to all Scottsdale Green Building Program specifications.

The Green Building Program has been developed to help reduce the environmental impact of residential, commercial, and industrial building across our nation. La Casa makes every effort to help our clients choose the most energy efficient heating and cooling systems as well as insulation, airtight ducts, air filters, lighting, appliances, and plumbing fixtures designed to reduce negative environmental impact. Efficient placement and use of doors and windows with high performance glass can mean savings in energy use as well as utility bills. A green home uses less energy, water, and natural resources, creates less waste, and is healthier for the people living inside.

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